WLA Magazine 2016 ANNUAL is out now

As 2016 comes to a close we take the opportunity to go through the hundreds of projects we published and select a few to publish in our 2016 Annual. This year we selected a diverse range of 48 projects that range in scale from the urban masterplan to the small installation. It was a joy to select the projects and publish them in this 164 page mega edition of WLA Magazine.

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WLA 28 – Liberty Park


WLA 28 – Liberty Park is an unthemed edition of WLA Magazine (digital magazine) with fifteen projects from the best landscape design firms from around the world.

In this edition, we feature Liberty Park by AECOM, a roof-top park centered within the World Trade Center (WTC) District. The park serves as a publicly accessible community open space with unprecedented views to the 9/11 National Memorial. Also featured in WLA 28 is Play Landscape Be-Mine – a play-scape design by carve + OMGEVING that creates a unity with the mountain and its past: a pole forest as a landmark, an adventurous prismatic play surface on the flank of the mountain and a coal square on the top of the ‘terril’.

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WLA 27 – Navy Pier

27th Edition-SLIDER678
WLA Magazine seeks to showcase great landscape architecture projects and in this 27th edition we continue this by publishing 15 great projects from all corners of the world. Featuring Navy Pier Phase 1 in Chicago on the front cover this edition features the JAMES CORNER FIELD OPERATIONS project.

In this edition we explore an eco-luxury resort in Nicaragua, Casino in South Africa, small scale green roof in Canada, art installation in London, pedestrianised street in Austria, future E-City and new shared street in the Netherlands, a striking plaza in Germany, therapeutic garden in Scotland, community Mall in Thailand, a major redevelopment of a park in Canada, a future satellite city in Russia, a reinvention concept for Chicago, and unique waterfront in the UK.

We never fail to provide a diverse range of projects that excite and enthrall our readers.

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WLA 26 | WLA Magazine

WLA 26-COVER_800

WLA 26 includes select conceptual and built projects from around the world. Featuring projects from !melk, ACT, C.F. Moller, Corkery Consulting, Enea, Falon Land Studio, Hosper, Land Collective, Mandaworks + Adept, POLA, TCL, WEST 8 +DTAH and many more.

The feature project of this edition is The Park by !melk. A unique urban infill project in the buzzing city of Las Vegas. The project is a cutting-edge design of “The Park” that celebrates the context of the Mojave region and reinstates what Las Vegas once was – an oasis in the desert.

The variety of conceptual and built project in this edition of WLA Magazine vary from the art installation to urban regeneration master plan of a Stockholm’s Gasworks.

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WLA 25 | WLA Magazine selected projects from around the world


World Landscape Architecture is proud to publish the latest edition of WLA Magazine edition 25. We have selected 14 projects from around the world including projects from James Corner Field Operations, TOPOTEK1, ATLAS LAB, ARM + TCL, Kinnear Landscape Architects, Rios Clementi Hale Studios and many more including the Award winning Lansdowne Park from PFS Studio.

WLA 25 projects are built and conceptual urban projects giving us an insight into recent past projects and a look into the future and purchase WLA 25 for $3.99USD 




WLA 24 covers a great number of diverse projects in one landscape architecture magazine. In this edition of WLA Magazine we sort out to have as many different projects as possible including playgrounds, greenwalls, water city planning, office landscape, urban and regional parks, art installations, hospital landscape, island park, integrated art strategy, schoools, zoo landscape, residential landscapes, sound installation and a coastal defence landscape. These projects are designed by firms such as OKRA, Sasaki Associates, HOSPER, ASPECT Studios, Land Arkitectur, Tract Consultants, KI Studio, Cadence Landscape Architects, KCAP, Berger Partnership and many others.

WLA Magazine is a digital magazine (pdf only) available for $3.99 per edition or $20 for annual subscription. Buy your copy now. 

WLA 23 | WLA Magazine 2015 Annual

2015 has seen a diverse range of landscape architecture projects published on World Landscape Architecture, in this edition we take an opportunity to highlight some of the best projects from 2015.  Selecting the projects to be included in this 2015 Annual was a hard task with a large number of  high quality projects published this year, it was decided to publish over 50 projects.

I hope you enjoy reading this 2015 Annual edition and I look forward to receiving your submissions for WLA Magazine and World Landscape Architecture in 2016.

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WLA Magazine | WLA22


WLA 22 is an unthemed edition including amazing projects from across the world. This 84-paged unthemed edition showcases a diverse range of 18 projects from the USA, Denmark, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Iceland, Germany, Scotland, Belgium by renowned landscape architecture firms including Gustafson Porter,Thomas Balsley Associates / Weiss/Manfredi, AECOM, ONG&ONG Group, ASPECT Studios, C.F. Moller Landscape, Hansen Partnership, ENEA Landscape Architecture and many more.

WLA 22 is available now for $USD 3.99 or by annual subscription for $USD20.

WLA Magazine | WLA21 | Research & Policy


WLA 21 | Research & Policy brings together some of the most interesting landscape research providing readers with insight into numerous topics including landscape of sound, the blue-green process, sea change, how to rethink dying shopping streets, vacated vacation homes, speculative urbanism, urban parks, saving bees, growing green cities guide, reclaiming headlands, an atlas for the end of the world, specialisation in landscape architecture and designing with nature to improve health. This edition of WLA Magazine is full of information that will have you inspired to do more and learn more about landscape architecture research.

WLA 21 is available now (pdf only) for just $USD3.99 and also available is an annual subscription for $USD20.

WLA Magazine | Volume 2 | Editons 05, 06, 07, 08


We have just released Volume 2 WLA Magazine which includes editions WLA05, 06, 07 and 08. These volume bundles are a great way to purchase multiple editions of WLA Magazine at a discount. Volume 2 includes amazing projects from Taylor Cullity Lethlean, BIG, Sasaki Associates, OKRA, SWA, STOSS LU, Gufstafson Porter, HOSPER, Shma, Topotek1, ASPECT Studios,  Balmori Associates, Martha Schwartz Partners and many more.

WLA Magazine – Volume 2 available for purchase now $USD12.99 (18% discount)